Save money on a meal, new iPhone by trading

Posted at 5:51 PM, Sep 09, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-09 20:51:54-04


If you work in the military or the field of first responders, then head over to Ahi Mahi on Friday, September 11th and get 50% off of your entire meal.

If you have not eaten at Ahi Mahi, it's a casual dining restaurant that offers many different types of grilled fish meals, and all for under $10.

So if you stop in with your ID to prove you work in these fields on Friday you can get a meal for under $5!

Ahi Mahi is located on 2805 N Scottsdale Rd #103 in Scottsdale.


Apple has unveiled yet another new iPhone. 

You may be thinking about selling your current iPhone to help pay for the new one in-store. My personal advice is to sell it yourself and make more money. 

If this is not an option for you there are many places you can sell your old iPhone for about half of what you paid for it new. 

Websites like, and many more offer cash trade-ins. Sites like even offer a trade-in exchange for an Amazon gift card.