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Cardinals ticket deals: Get the best prices on Cardinals tickets

Posted: 7:08 AM, Aug 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-23 10:08:32-04

Don't accept the first price you find for Arizona Cardinals tickets...challenge the process!

On our schedule...The Seahawks, 49ers, and Rams.


The Seahawks play on September 30 and we want good seats for this game.

For section 122 -- Ticketmaster and Stubhub charge the same amount for the actual ticket.  Add the fees and that changes everything!

Stubhub comes in third at $276.

Ticketmaster is next, charging $255 for two tickets.

The best price though is at TickPick- beating both sites charging about $253.


On October 28, the 49ers are coming to town - Let's see what's best in section 410.

TickPick is the favorite again charging $170 for two tickets.

A few dollars more at Ticketmaster, $173.16.

Stubhub costs the most, $194.22.


Finally the Rams. The game is December 23rd and already the score is tight for section 130.

This time TickPick will cost you the most, $394 for two tickets.

A little less at Stubhub, about $390.

But the winner for this game is Ticketmaster, charging $386.


In the end, TickPick refused to lose; They had the best prices overall for the games we compared.

Keep in mind, prices change by the minute, so what you see now may be different when you're ready to buy.