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Oh Baby! We found the best prices on renting baby equipment

Posted at 1:49 PM, Nov 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-03 16:49:56-04

'Tis the time for holiday visitors. So what if your visitors have kids and you don't? Practicing with a doll is not enough!
Don't spend your cash buying toys and equipment to accommodate. You can rent it instead. But where you rent will determine how much cash you have leftover to actually enjoy your company.
We searched for everything from cribs to high chairs, even travel systems and toys. Our contenders, Baby's AwayTravel Babees and Anything For Baby.
Baby has to eat! 

A booster with a tray will cost you $18 dollars to rent one week at Baby's Away.
Pay $20 dollars at Anything For Baby. And the best price we found is at Travel Babees. It was $15 dollars for the same type of seat.
The baby needs a place to play and sleep.

Again, Travel Babees has the best price at $40 dollars for a one week rental.
42 dollars at Baby's Away and $43 dollars at Anything For Baby.
Get out of the house with a travel system.
This time, Baby's Away will cost you the most at $66 dollars.
Travel Babees and Anything for Baby is a dollar less at $65 dollars.
For the actual rentals. Travel Babees has the best prices hands down. But you also have to consider delivery. It's free with Anything for Baby.

You'll pay $45 dollars at Travel Babees and about $35 dollars at Baby's Away to deliver to our location.