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Now through November 30, create holiday cards, score 40% off, and they ship them for you!

Posted at 7:22 AM, Nov 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-19 09:22:24-05

Are you wanting to make Christmas, holiday, or even New Year cards with recaps of what's happened in the year 2018? If so, you'll be happy to hear that we're bringing back a popular Deal of the Day for you!

We're taking you back to a place that feels like Santa's Workshop. Welcome to Amazing Mail in Phoenix. They print out cards that you design.

President and CEO Danielle Stiehl tells us this experience is faster, fresher and more flexible. There are so many different kinds of templates you can personalize and customize online, add the recipient address, and they ship it next business day! They're helping take the stress out of the process so you don't have to deal with postage and shipping.

Though there are LOTS of formats to choose from, here are the three most popular: a standard 4x6 postcard, a bigger postcard or a folding card. The cool thing is, you can add a pop out for free!

Let's talk prices because it's cheaper the more you buy. For just one 4x6 card, it's $1.40, including postage. One hundred 4x6 cards would be $1.06 per card, including postage. For over 250 cards, it would be $.97 per card including postage. For one large, folded card, it's $2.05 with postage, and again the pop out enhancements in holiday templates come at no cost!

Also, if you procrastinate (cough, cough...or enjoy a thrill of a deadline), there's an upgrade you can buy to send it out the same day!


Are you ready for our Smart Shopper Deal of the Day?

You'll score 40% off your one-time order. That could be a batch of as little as one card or as many as you like! You have from now through November 30 to enter the promo code: abc2018.

There is a maximum of $200 in savings. To be clear, it's not 40 percent off an order that's up to $200. It's 40% off your order with a maximum of $200 in savings! You can get well over 150 of the "most expensive" cards before you would max out.

Click here to order your cards!