MOM TO MOM: Peanut App, dubbed 'Tinder for mom friends', connects like-minded women

Posted at 11:54 AM, Jul 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-10 14:54:58-04
It's been called "Tinder for moms," but that doesn't quite explain it.
Peanut is not an app for moms to look for a hot date, rather a way to look for new mom friends!
You sign up by entering your city, how many kids you have, and their ages. Then it asks "what's your thing"? Basically, describe yourself. Your choices are hot mess, sleep deprived, wine time, outdoorsy and the list goes on.
Sleep deprived? Isn't that a given?
"I just felt like women deserved a cool product that related to motherhood, rather than feeling like it was old fashioned or old school," Peanut founder Michelle Kennedy said.
Instead of swiping left and right like on Tinder, on Peanut you swipe up to wave at another mom, or down to skip that person. You can chat and even create chat groups.
"Peanut isn't a replacement for meeting in real life, it is to help you meet in real life," Kennedy said.
You can even connect it to your calendar to set up meetings.
Want to try it to meet other women in your city? Click here.