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Is Arizona Restaurant Week making you pay more, priced right or saving you cash?

Posted at 12:30 PM, May 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-23 12:24:11-04

Arizona Restaurant Week is supposed to give you an opportunity to dine at restaurants, maybe some you might not be able to afford otherwise. We have a few things to share about the prix fixe menu though!

1) Make sure you look at the $33 and $44 prices. Some are per person, and others are per couple. Click here to see a list of all the participating restaurants and pricing.

2) Check the fine print on the Arizona Restaurant Week menu, and also look for additional costs. Some items like bigger steaks can be an additional cost.

3) Research to see if you're actually getting a good deal.

I did the hard work for you, and worked on comparisons. I took a restaurant, viewed the price and food options for the Arizona Restaurant Week menu, and then found the identical items on the restaurant's regular menu to compare prices.

For example, Buck & Riders' Arizona Restaurant Week menu is set at $44 per person for three courses. I went through and found the identical items listed from the Arizona Restaurant Week menu, and looked them up on the normal menu. I took the cheapest item in the first course, second course and third course, and added them up to see how much it would cost. The $12 Arcadian Mixed Greens Salad (first course), $34 for Fresh Blue Crab Cakes (second course) brought the total to around $46, not counting dessert. That means you're saving at least $2, if not more with Arizona Restaurant Week's deal. With the most expensive items selected, it would normally be $54 without dessert. So, in that case, you're saving at least $10 going during Arizona Restaurant Week.

At Charr, it's a different story. Charr's Arizona Restaurant Week menu is set at $33 per couple, and that already sounds like a great price. When you do the same comparing process looking at Charr's regular menu, you'd normally pay $38 for the least expensive items or around $47.50 for the most expensive. So, you're actually saving anywhere from $5-$14.50 or more for Arizona Restaurant Week.

Different Pointe of View's Arizona Restaurant Week menu is set at $44 per person. Your bill with Different Pointe of View's regular menu would be at least $57, so paying $44 total is actually saving you at least $13 and more if you selected more expensive items offered.

Chelsea's Kitchen Arizona Restaurant menu is set at $44 per person. The regular Chelsea's Kitchen menu did not list pricing for dessert. So, adding up the cheapest items from course one and course two alone, the price comes to $33 (so with dessert, it will probably be below the $44 Arizona Restaurant Week price). Adding up the most expensive item for course one and course two comes to $46. So, it's like getting dessert free!

Crust Simply Italian in Chandler is $33 per person on the Arizona Restaurant Week menu. If you get the cheapest priced item for the appetizer, main course and dessert on Crust Simply Italian's regular menu, it would cost around $25-$30. The most expensive item for appetizer, main course and dessert brings the total to $38. So, it's priced about right.

On Farm & Craft's Arizona Restaurant Week menu, it's $33 per person. If you select the cheapest item for an appetizer, an entree, and dessert on Farm & Craft's regular menu, your total comes to $30. The most expensive options bring you to about $43.

So, are you saving, are these priced about right or are you spending more? Do some comparisons on your own to find out! Make sure you're getting a good deal!

Enjoy the grub!