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How Valley pool owners are turning their backyard into a short-term rental

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Posted at 3:00 PM, May 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-19 20:01:28-04

PHOENIX — With public pools struggling to stay open, a short-term rental service is opening the gate into private pools across the Valley.

Hiring and training enough lifeguards continues to be a challenge for Valley cities.

In other cases, supply chain issues have disrupted needed repairs and renovations for some community pools.

But as we prepare to enter the summer months, there are plenty of proud pool owners who don't mind complete strangers doing cannonballs in their pool - for a price, like Louis DiCamillo.

He says he enjoys hearing people see his backyard and say, "Oh, wow this is such a cool backyard,’ that kind of excitement, we feed off it, I guess.”

He's turned his backyard in Ahwatukee into a personal paradise.

For $45 an hour on weekdays, $50 on weekends and holidays you can rent his pool, share pizza on his furniture, and even get out of the heat in the RV parked just feet from the edge of the shallow end.

There's an added charge to use the grill, fire pit, the speakers and more.

"We have a s'mores package that doesn't fit well in the summer, but we had a few sales during the winter months,” said DiCamillo.

Louis says he's had as many as 40 people in his backyard for private events.

“We do our best for zero interaction because I feel like guests, they want to rent the space. They don't want me involved. We close off with blackout curtains everywhere if we are home,” he said.

There are about 150 pools available for hourly rent across the Valley through the company Swimply – which is essentially a short-term rental for pools.

The average price is $45 but some are as low as $15 an hour.

Those renting the pools can make thousands on average each month.

Louis has been renting his spot for almost a year and he's made enough to add a heating and cooling system for his pool.

“Instead of cooling the water, it'll heat the water or vice versa,” he said showing off an impressive display of pool pumps.

His pool is warm in the winter cool in the summer - and available to anyone year-round.

“It's 87 degrees in there now, we don't expect it to be any warmer than that in the summer, there's nothing worse than jumping into a 97 degree when it's 110 out.” He said.