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How much is your time worth? Stand in line for someone else and rake in the cash!

Posted at 6:39 AM, Jun 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-20 12:40:49-04

Tick tock! In the hustle and bustle, these two words may not be in your vocabulary: waiting and patience. But, what if you could get paid to wait in line? Would you change your mind on how you pass the time?

People have been doing this for years. Find big events like Black Friday, movie premieres, free food and more. Post on Craiglist that you're willing to stand in line for others, name your price to the highest bidder and cash in!

The trend is growing and demand is high.

One guy in New York named Robert Samuel made a business out of this need! It's called SOLD, an acronym for Same Ole Line Dudes, a.k.a. professional line sitters or line waiters. 

Samuel got his inspiration to start the company after his first gig, where he was paid $325 to wait 19 hours for an iPhone 5.

In 2017, he did an interview with NPR sharing that his company grew to 39 employees! Samuel also shared that he doesn't just wait in line for wealthy people. He has all kinds of clients for events that range from Broadway shows to pastry surprises. 

His current pricing: A minimum of two hours for $45. Each additional half hour is $10, and each additional hour is $20. His business has great reviews

Since we aren't in New York, if you want to give this concept a whirl, you can get hired as a Tasker to stand in line for others through Task Rabbit.

You can set your own rate. If you're looking to hire, you can read all of the comments about the Taskers. Click here to see examples. 

There are other apps that can offer the same service, but we have not researched them. Check out the Placer App and Line Angel.

Let us know how much cash you make!