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Here's what to expect for Prime Day 2018, according to an Amazon expert!

Posted at 4:55 PM, Jul 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-13 12:41:36-04
Prime Day 2018 is on Monday, July 16 starting at noon here in Arizona and lasts for 36 hours! Aside from gaining six more shopping hours than 2017, what's new this year? We spoke with an Amazon expert to find out the inside scoop!

Amazon Community/PR Specialist Lisa Guinn told us that there would be over one million deals being offered to 17 countries worldwide. So, she told us the most important thing is that you have a Prime Membership. If you don't have one, we suggest getting the 30-day free trial, so you can participate and cash in on the deals. In case you were curious, there will not be any discounts offered on Prime Memberships during Prime Day.

This covers the basics.


One of the newest features this year, Prime Day Launches. Guinn told us these are not discounts but are new products that are available for Amazon Prime members exclusively for a limited time. For example, she shared with us that one of her favorite Prime Day Launches is "the first ever Alexa-enabled kitchen faucet. It's a hands-free device that's a perfect addition to your smart home. It allows you to turn off and on your Alexa devices, as well as dispense specific amounts of water, turn the water on and off or on warm."


Bookmark as your resource! Not only will it guide you, but you'll also get a sneak peek of the deals to come. You will see even more deals in the 24 hours leading up to Prime Day. Click here to see "Today's Deals." Click here to see the Prime Day countdown deals.


Guinn told us, "If you shop on your amazon app on your smart phone or mobile device, you can watch deals. If you see an upcoming lightning deal, and you're interested, you can click, 'Watch This Deal,' and your Amazon app will notify you when the product and deal goes live." If you miss out, you might be able to join a waiting list. This explains how you can get notifications.

Guinn continued, "We will have discounts on our Amazon basic products, as well as Amazon brands."


Do you feel overwhelmed knowing how many deals there will be? Don't worry! You can sort through the 40 top interest categories, like technology, home, etc., to sort through exactly what you're looking for. Guinn said there's a lot of Alexa-enabled technology out there and to search the category called, "Smart Home" if you're interested. That way, you can see all the devices you can pair with your Echo or Echo Dot.

Guinn had an answer for being too busy for the day as well. "I'm a working mom. My plan of attack for Prime Day is to look at what I need and what I'm looking for on Prime Day."


Also and surprisingly, Prime Day is another great time to shop small! Guinn told us, "you can filter by state too. So, you can shop local and support the small businesses while you're shopping on Prime Day."


Plus, items in your Wishlist will update for Prime Day. So, you will know whether to buy now or wait for bigger savings! "When you look at the products in your wish list, you're going to see a little banner that says Prime Day Deal... So, you can take advantage of getting the best prices," explained Guinn.

So, what else?


Guinn told us, "We are so lucky in the Valley. We have both the treasure truck and Prime Now Delivery, which is one-to-two hour delivery for our prime members depending on where you live. There are going to be some great Prime Day deals."

Guinn continued, "We will have discounts on our Amazon basic products, as well as Amazon brands."


The top seller globally for Prime Day 2017 was the Amazon Echo Dot. In the United States, the top two sellers were the 23andMe DNA kit, as well as the Instapot.

We asked what she thinks will be a top seller this year. She responded, "I can't speculate on what the top seller is going to be, but we have double the deals on Amazon devices. So, I think that will be a top seller again this year, but we'll have to wait and see together."

Overall, expect lots of shopping deals on Amazon, everything from toys to technology, fashion to furniture. Prime Day is also a great time to stock up on back-to-school supplies, birthday presents, holidays, Christmas presents, as well as everyday essentials that we all seem to run out of too quickly.