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Half off! Get as many car washes you want in a month for less with our Deal of the Day!

Posted at 6:00 AM, Aug 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-06 09:32:06-04

During Monsoon, it may be difficult to gauge when might be a good time to get a car wash. Well, now you won't have to worry about. We scored you a month's worth of washes!

At Quick Quack Car Wash, it's more like a show full of lights and colors! And your car will shine even brighter because of our Smart Shopper Deal of the Day!

We asked Regional Operations Leaders of Arizona Mark Card to explain the experience more. He said, "We give everyone the best car wash they can try, the fastest, cleanest car wash in the world. We're a three-minute self-wash with self-service vacuums. We recycle 95 percent of the water we use, so we help the environment as well."

Quick Quack is best known for its free vacuums and "wash-all-you-want" unlimited car wash memberships that range from basic to good to better to Best "Lucky Duck"!

Our Smart Shopper Deal of the Day is going to get you half off the best monthly package!


Instead of paying $34.99 for an unlimited month of their Best "Lucky Duck" washes, you'll pay $17.50! All you have to do is text QQSMART to 555-888 by 11:59 p.m. Tuesday, August 7.

Then, you can enjoy as many car washes as you want through September 5 at any of the Quick Quack Car Wash locations in The Valley. That means each Best "Lucky Duck" wash you get will come with Lucky Duck Shield and the Clean, Shine, Seal.

"We're excited for everyone in Phoenix to get to know us," Card said.

The other wash options are not included in our deal, but for future reference:

  • Basic: $7.99 per wash/ $19.99 per month for unlimited Basic washes (includes wash and dry)
  • Good: $12.99 per wash/ $25.99 per month for unlimited Good washes (includes Basic wash, plus Triple Foam Polish, Wheel Bright and Undercarriage Wash with Rust inhibitor, Extreme Tire Shine, and Rain Repellant)
  • Better: $16.99 per wash/ $29.99 per month for unlimited Better washes (includes Better wash, plus Quick Wax with Carnauba)
  • Best "Lucky Duck": $19.99 per wash/ $34.99 per month for unlimited Best "Lucky Duck" washes (includes Best "Lucky Duck" wash, plus Lucky Duck Shield and the Clean, Shine, Seal) (Only the monthly rate is valid for our Smart Shopper Deal of the Day. Instead of $34.99 for a month of unlimited Best "Lucky Duck" washes, you pay $17.50)