Eight grocery apps that search for deals for you!

Posted at 4:40 PM, Jan 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-17 18:40:53-05
Do you buy milk? How about bread? Just about everyone, right?
Even if you don't, you should be getting paid back for things you already buy. If you don't have any of these grocery apps downloaded on your phone, you are leaving money behind.
Ibotta is one of the most popular grocery apps. It works with several stores like Walmart, Target and Kroeger, to name a few. You "unlock" your savings on the app by answering some short questions or reading some information. When you get home from your shopping trip, scan your items and snap a photo of the receipt. It adds your cash back to your account within two days.  
Checkout 51 is similar to Ibotta, but easier to use. You just pick your products and snap a photo of your receipt proving your purchase. Voila!  It also has some of the same offers as Ibotta, which means double the savings for you!
Savingstar is a lesser known grocery app than Ibotta or Checkout 51, but there are some great deals. We found $4.00 back for Kraft products and $2.50 for Annie's foods. Plus SavingStar has "healthy offers" to encourage you to buy produce. You scan your receipt with this app also and it works with loyalty cards.
Groupon Snap is a new kid on the block, but growing. Some offers are only good for one use, others you can use more, but have a limited amount of time you can redeem them.  
Favado has a different strategy than most grocery apps. It doesn't give you cash back, rather it tells you what's discounted and where to find coupons. It estimates you can save 50 to 70 percent on some items!  
Southern Savers has a wealth of information for savvy shoppers. It shows you how to layer your savings by combining deals. It also has a database to research available coupons.
Flipp uses your zip code to find the best deals in local flyers. You can organize your favorites in the app by selecting your top stores and Flipp will automatically have the flyer ready for you to view. No searching!
Grocery iQ is a smorgasbord for thrifty shoppers. You can make your shopping list, search for coupons, even sort your listed items by your store's grocery aisle. Seriously. Is aisle hopping not what eats up a lot of your time?