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Does Crank Chop work? We test it out with my dad to see if it's a good Father's Day gift!

Posted at 6:08 AM, Jun 13, 2018
and last updated 2020-06-18 18:09:03-04

Instead of cranking up a lawn mower for Dad this Father's Day, use a Crank Chop!

In this device, blades are at the bottom, and food goes in, like peppers, onion, ham, etc. Close the lid, pull the crank three times, and you're done! The food will be all chopped up!

I needed to see if this is "dad approved." So, I had my dad, Ralph, test it out!

The Crank Chop explanation states that each crank is like having 24 knives chop your food and will become finer the more you crank.

We read over the instructions, removed the blade guard, and decided on three tests!

First up, we put in a quarter of an onion, a slice of bell pepper, half a potato, half a tomato and about half of a long carrot.

We were so impressed with how fine the cuts were after just three cranks. It would be a great way to make a salad, coleslaw, salsa or even a sauce.

Then, we tested fruit. We put in raspberries, half a banana and a quarter of an apple.

Three cranks later, it would make a great baby food or type of applesauce. If we would have cranked more, it could have been more like a jam.

"Dada," as I call him, deserved a nice cold drink after the first two tests, so we decided to test the Crank Chop with ice, like they do in the infomercial.

After three cranks, the ice was similar to the crushed ice you would get out of a refrigerator. After twelve cranks, it was just like a snow cone! CHEERS!

We bought the Crank Chop for $10 at Walmart. You can make all kinds of dishes, spend less time cutting, and pay less than the cost of a food processor.

Plus, it didn't take a lot of elbow grease!

We asked Dad what he thought, and he said, "Leave the lawn mower in the shed and get the Crank Chop instead." So, we're going with, "NO BULL!"

Click here to watch the hilarious infomercial.

Note that the Crank Chop is sold elsewhere for $19.95. So, $10 is a great price at Walmart.

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