DEAL OF THE DAY: Discounted stay in the Classy Cabins in Williams, AZ

You'll love more than just the alliteration of this spot. Stay a while in the Classy Cabins in Williams, Arizona because they're teaming up for a Smart Shopper Deal of the Day!

They have five different cabins you can rent and vary in size. Each cabin has a unique name like Raccoon Ranch, Moose Manor, Bearly-A-Cabin, Owl's Nest and Buck 'N Ham Palace.

We toured the Buck-N-Ham, and the decorations matched the name. There were pigs with wings, bucks and all sorts of other rustic touches.

Let's talk numbers. The prices start at $275 per night, but you'll only have to pay full price one night. Buy one night, get half off the second night. You have until 10 p.m. Friday to call or email them, but you can book now through August.

Plus, this location is only 5 minutes away from The Grand Canyon Deer Farm, 10 minutes away from Bearizona and Williams. 


7399 E. Knighthood Lane

Williams, AZ 86046

Important to note that the discount does not include taxes and cleaning fees. Here's some more information on the price breakdown:

In addition to the rental fee, there are cleaning fees and taxes that must by paid by guest. Pricing starts at $275 per night plus tax for up to 4 guests in the two smaller cabins known as Moose Manor and Raccoon Ranch, plus a $135 cleaning fee. Additional guests, beyond 4 guests, are $15 per person per night with a maximum of 8-10 guests for either Moose Manor or Raccoon Ranch. The larger cabin for this deal is the Buck-N-Ham Palace cabin. The nightly rate starts at $375 per night, plus tax for up to 4 guests, and $195 for a cleaning fee. Additional guests beyond 4 guests are $15 per person per night with a maximum of 12 total guests.
Payments must be made in cash or checks only as credit card fees and processing fees would need to be added if paid by credit card.


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