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Can the Measure King really measure nearly anything -- even things that are rounded?

Posted at 6:58 AM, Jul 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-12 10:33:17-04

A tape measure can be a simple tool...until it isn't.

The tape doesn’t seem to reach everywhere I want to measure without bending and for some projects I need a second person. So what's the answer?         

The makers of the Measure King say it’s their product.   

The claim is it can measure pretty much anything up to 999 inches -- that's like five cars!

Plus it has a digital readout and you can choose the measurement unit you want.

So how does it work?

You have choices...three modes to be exact: the roll mode, laser mode and cord mode.

For the roll mode, we rolled the Measure King across the arm of a chair. It was hard to roll and slightly damaged the outside of the Measure King.

We rolled it on a harder surface -- a metal bucket. Much easier and the measurement was accurate. It measured about 15 inches.

The cord mode is like a string and is supposes to be ideal for anything that’s rounded, so I measured me...and guess what? It was accurate!

With the laser mode, the claim is you can measure distances instantly by simply pointing the laser.

So we measured from the floor to the ceiling and it was off by nearly two feet.

When measuring shorter distances it was inconsistent. But when it was inaccurate, it was by a couple of inches.

We bought the Measure King at Fry's Electronics for $29.99. So how does it measure up to our Bull / No Bull meter?

 When measuring... Accuracy is key every time. Unfortunately, the Measure King did not hold up in our tests so I'm going with 'Bull!'