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Bull or No Bull: Testing the Perfect Fit Button that's supposed to make your pants fit better

Posted at 9:33 AM, Jan 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-23 22:00:09-04

PHOENIX — Let's face it. We've all been there, when we've needed to unbutton our pants to make them looser. Some may have especially felt that way after this holiday season, after enjoying delicious meals! Or maybe you've experienced the opposite, and you've lost weight. Now, your pants don't fit the same.

We might have found a solution to save you cash and a way to adjust your pants without having to buy new ones.

So, we're testing out a product called the Perfect Fit Button, that's supposed to add or reduce inches to the waistband of your pants!

Click here to watch the commercial. The video also shows you how it works. Basically, think of the Perfect Fit Button like an earring with a front and a back. This fastener has a special design to make it more secure when you lock it onto your pants. Then, when you want to remove it, you push down on the back ring and pull it apart.

It's supposed to work on suits, denim, corduroy, leather and more. The commercial explains that when you slip on your belt, it will also become invisible, in case you're worried about your pants now having two buttons. The video audio states, "It's like having a custom tailor at your fingertips."

Well, we will see about that!

Right off the bat, we ran into issues. Our deluxe pack offers eight buttons -- two silver, two black, two brown and two khaki to match the colors of your pants. We hadn't tested anything yet, and the brown colors fell off.

Our photographer, Jason, wore some jeans that needed to be tighter. He tried out the Perfect Fit Button, and it worked out well! So, we thought it looked promising.

The commercial also makes a good point: "Kids outgrow their clothes and cost a fortune, but Perfect Fit lets you add more room for big savings."

Speaking of savings, I should have saved the receipt.

We tested out another button on jeans worn by our co-worker, Ashley. They helped to make her jeans fit perfectly. We were excited until she went to take the Perfect Fit Button off. Part of it broke. Try as we might, it wouldn't budge. And that staying power is actually working against two of the biggest claims of being removable and reusable.

While Ashley worked on trying to get that button off, we looked at the other buttons we hadn't tested yet. We opened and closed a couple of them a few times, and clink! The colors of the other buttons fell off too! As we tested more of the buttons, one was way too loose to hold a grip, and another hurt my fingertips trying to get it apart.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the status update, it's been one week, and the Perfect Fit Button is still stuck on Ashley's jeans. It got us thinking that if you only had one shot to get the sizing right, fastened it, but it was in the wrong spot, it sure would be a bummer if it was stuck that way.

I found the Perfect Fit Button Deluxe Pack of eight online. The prices range from $7 to $9 on Amazon, some including free delivery and free returns, $19.95 on the As Seen On TV Web Store, and Walmart sells it for $23.94.

It lived up to potentially offering a perfect fit in seconds, to change the waistline of your pants to be tighter or looser. The Perfect Fit Button also lives up to the claim that you wouldn't need to sew, using the buttons instead. It did not live up to the claims of being removable, reusable, and we can't be sure if it would actually save you money instead of getting alterations, since some money may need to be spent to remove one.

So, where does the Perfect Fit Button rank on our Bull or No Bull Meter? I'm going with... BULL!

If we had consistent results, I would have given this No Bull. But, since we had all of the issues stated above, I can't advise you to spend money on it.

Do you still want to test it out? Let me know how it works for you if you try it!