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Bull or No Bull: Better Brella, that basically opens "upside down and inside out"

Posted at 8:17 AM, Jul 24, 2020

It's important to have a sturdy umbrella. So, today, I'm testing out a product called the Better Brella!

The EmsonTV video explains, "An umbrella can keep you dry when it starts to pour, but it's a struggle to get it closed and into the door. Then, it drips and makes messes all over the floor. Well, not anymore!"

Cue the introduction of the Better Brella! It has what is called "Reverse Open Close Technology", as it states on the website.

I grabbed a regular umbrella and noted the differences. My regular umbrella opens and closes the traditional way, where the canopy rises straight out, and then collapses in when shutting. Whereas, the Better Brella website describes it well. It opens "upside down and inside out". The same can be said for how it closes too!

One of the claims is that when you close the Better Brella, it's supposed to form a water-tight cone, making it waterproof to prevent puddles.

We closed the Better Brella, and used a hose to add some water inside. It did not leak at all. The water only came out onto the ground when we turned the Better Brella upside down.

It's also supposed to be easier to close and get indoors. I tested both the regular umbrella and the Better Brella. It took about the same amount of time and effort, but the regular umbrella does bring in more moisture. The Better Brella felt almost completely dry with no leaks.

We went back outside, and my husband used the hose to create fake rain. I stood using the Better Brella, and then switched it out for the regular umbrella. The Better Brella did keep me drier than the regular umbrella. It's as if the material is thicker. Plus, the canopy was a little bit wider.

I also noticed something else. Imagine being outside in the rain with an umbrella open over you. When you look up at the bottom-side of the canopy that is closest to you, it's dry. When I closed my regular umbrella, the way it springs and collapses brings some of that water onto the bottom-side of the canopy as well. So, both sides are wet. When I close the Better Brella, the bottom-side of the canopy that is closest to you when it is open, closes so differently, that it remained dry after closing. The only side of the canopy that was wet was the exposed one.

The Better Brella is also supposed to be windproof, for wind speeds in excess of 50 mph. We did not test that claim.

What I can confirm is that the Better Brella has an ergonomic handle, and that made holding it much more comfortable than my regular umbrella.

On the Better Brella website, it comes in three colors: black, red or blue.

But, there are more options on Amazon! I went with a zebra print for $27.98, though most range in price from $15.99 to $19.99. Now, there's even a version of the Better Brella with a built-in flashlight on Amazon. It's important to note that the prices may have changed since they were originally researched for this story.

So, where does the Better Brella rank on our Bull or No Bull Meter? I'm going with... NO BULL!

It could come in handy for a Monsoon storm!

I love hearing from you. Let me know what you want me to try before you buy!