The best sites to save you the most on flights

Posted at 8:05 AM, May 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-17 11:05:35-04

Now is the time to start thinking about those summer vacations, but before you start cringing because of the anticipated and dreaded costs, we want to help you find the best deals.

Which sites will save you the most on airline tickets? Our contenders: Google Flights, Orbitz and Cheap Tickets.

The first flight destination is San Francisco. Google Flights immediately showed the best days to travel to get the best price, but our travel dates are June 15th-17th. Cheap Tickets has a nonstop flight on American Airlines for $182.39. You'll pay nearly $10 less booking through Google Flights. It's $173 flying United. Orbitz found the best deal on that American Airline flight charging $171.41.

New York City is the next destination. All three sites chose Delta for the flight, but the prices aren't the same. The best price was on Google Flights at $339. If you book through Orbitz, you'll pay nearly $50 more for the same flight, $386.40. Cheap Tickets charged the most at $397.38. 

Overall, we found Google Flights to be the easiest to navigate. Orbitz has a lowest price guarantee policy, so if you find a better deal on travel within 24 hours of booking on Orbitz, they will refund the difference. Also, if you're an Orbitz member, you'll get $50 to use toward future travel, but the comparison has to be exact.

All three sites allow you to create price alerts to let you know when the price drops for your destinations. 

Wherever you decide to travel, do research to know what's considered a good price, and plan ahead so that you have more options.

What sites do you like to use when you're booking flights? Share with us.