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At Auction Nation, you can bid on returns and overstock items starting at just $5!

Posted at 6:33 AM, Feb 07, 2018

Have you ever received a gift that you had to return? Well, there isn't a mystical land of misfit returns, but there is a magical place called Auction Nation!

This warehouse is packed with all kinds of returns and overstock products, thousands of items each day. Those products are posted online, people can bid on them seven days a week, and then win the product! When it's time to receive the product, you can either go to Auction Nation Monday through Saturday for pickup or shipment options are available too. Bidding starts at $5, so it gets competitive!

You can score up to 90% off big ticket items with the bidding system. Some people even make a profit reselling the items they bid and won from Auction Nation.

Register for free, and click here to search for items you can bid on to save!



2710 W. Bell Rd, Suite 1240

Phoenix, AZ 85053

(844) - 411 - AUCTION


According to the National Retail Federation, one-third of all merchandise purchased online is returned. Once the merchandise is returned to the company, it can be costly to re-package it for resale and in some cases even more costly than the manufacturing process itself. So for decades, it was cheaper to send the returns and overstocks to the landfill. Now through Auction Nation, these items can be sold to anyone looking for a bargain on everyday items.