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A ceramic brush that's supposed to straighten hair? We'll see if it's Bull or No Bull!

Posted at 10:34 AM, Aug 07, 2020

For this week's edition of Bull or No Bull, we're testing out a product called Simply Straight.

It's a ceramic brush that's supposed to straighten your hair.

We plugged in the Simply Straight, turned on the power button, and it started to heat up immediately.

The instructions show three different hair types and three different temperature settings, one for each. So, we followed the directions, and set the temperature to 365 degrees.

It took just over one minute for the Simply Straight to reach that heat.

Then, there are three simple steps. To paraphrase, you take a section of your hair, holding it firmly at the end. Then, turn the Simply Straight with the bristles up, go close to your roots and brush it all the way down.

My hair was dry and curled from the day before. After just one brush, it was starting to straighten my hair. After just a few brushes, that section of my hair was completely straight.

It's important to note that your hair must be dry and must not have any tangles before using the Simply Straight. Also, you're instructed to let your hair cool down before you add any styling products to it.

The Simply Straight automatically turns off after 60 minutes, and it lives up to the claim of working on different hair types.

How do we know this? Well, a couple years ago, we tested this product, and my former producer's relative helped test it out on her hair. Check out this video!

We bought our Simply Straight on Amazon for around $15. Now, there are some for as low as $10.99 and up to $21.94 before tax and shipping. Click here to see options. Just do your research and make sure the one you purchase is legitimate and verified.

So, where does the Simply Straight rank on our Bull or No Bull Meter? I'm going with... NO BULL!

What products do you want me to try before you buy? Let me know!