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6 ways to use coffee filters to save money

Posted at 5:29 AM, Aug 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-13 10:13:54-04

As a busy mom, I know just how important life hacks can be, so we are making sure you know how to extend the use of coffee filters.

There are lots of ways to use coffee filters to save money and make your life simpler.

You can use it in smelly places by filling it with baking soda -- and you can even add an essential oil for a fresher smell, then tie with a ribbon, floss, or something similar and voila! -- an instant deodorizer.


While you have the essential oils, put a few drops along with some white vinegar on the filter and use it as a substitute for a dryer sheet.

You can also use a coffee filter as a dust cloth for your laptops and TVs.

Speaking of cleaning, it works well with glass spray on mirrors and windows.

And I found this one on -- use them for muffin liners.


You can also use them to store and carry snacks.

So whether you're a coffee addict or you don't drink it at all, there are several reasons to keep a big stash of coffee filters around.


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