5 ways to maximize your Cyber Monday savings

Posted at 6:11 PM, Nov 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-30 20:11:21-05

It is Cyber Monday and there are several ways to maximize your savings.

You can use these tips all year around to help you save, but Cyber Monday is a really good day for it. 

Cashback websites like are offering double the earnings from some online retailers today. 

If you are planning on shopping online you get the savings of the sales, plus you can earn money back, giving you double the savings. 

Don't check out without checking for additional coupon codes.

Go to websites like and and type in the retailer you want to find a code for and if there is one it will show.

Do your own research before you hit the buy button. Just because it's on sale does not mean it is a good price. 

To make sure you are getting a good price, simply do a Google search on the item you want to buy to help with price comparing.

Last but not least, shop at retailers that are offering free shipping. 

On a day like Cyber Monday you should not be paying for shipping. To out find who is offering free shipping go to