Surprise police: Eastham Parkway reopens after water line break

Posted at 7:15 PM, Feb 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-27 01:59:18-05

Authorities say a broken water line flooded a street near Bell Road and Loop 303.

The Surprise Police Department temporarily closed Eastham Parkway after a water service line in a nearby residential neighborhood started sending water into the street.

Officers are currently on scene and said the roadway is partially covered with water.

Utility workers on the scene said a 16-inch pipe burst, spilling roughly 100,000 gallons of water into the neighborhood.

The broken line meant those living nearby lost water service Sunday afternoon. When the water returned, it did not look the same.

"It was almost a little bit cloudy, more of like a beige color - it was kind of brown coming out, explained Alexia Kiecana. "I really didn't want to wash my hands in that either, because I feel like that would have made the problem a little bit worse than it was to begin with. So, I'm just kind of avoiding it and waiting if maybe in a couple hours it will come back normal."

"I got a hot tub at home," laughed Kimberly Davidson. "I'll just go shower in that if it's out for a few days."

City crews are attempting to repair the damaged line, but no estimate has been given about when the work could be completed.

Eastham Parkway between Ton Bridge Street to Bristol Lane was reopened to traffic just before 7:45 p.m. Sunday, though drivers should be aware that restrictions could be put back in place as work continues.

Crews said they would be out all night working on the problem.