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Rainbow house bringing colorful controversy to Peoria neighborhood

Posted at 10:29 PM, Nov 02, 2017

A Peoria home is bringing some color to a neighborhood but despite its cheery appearance, some neighbors think its nothing but an eyesore.

Ernie Leas’ home near Cactus Road and 75th Avenue is painted in bright rainbow stripes. His front doors are a bright blue and his windows are a fluorescent yellow. 

“I put every color on there that I really like,” Leas said. “It’s what I call downtown Phoenix art.”

Leas’ neighbor across the street is also a fan of the artwork.

“I like the way it’s painted; it’s different,” the unidentified person said.

Leas estimates there are nearly 100 colors used on his house. While some people have embraced the home’s wacky exterior, others are underwhelmed by his latest creation.

Next-door neighbor Harry Domas isn’t a fan.

“His exclusive goal is to irritate the neighborhood; to make people sell and to devalue the property,” Domas said.

The other house next door to Leas’ is for sale. According to truly, the home has had four price reductions since June and is now sitting on the market for $10,000 less than the original asking price.

Because the neighborhood doesn’t have a homeowners association, there's not much his neighbors can do. Peoria officials say he’s OK to decorate his house however he would like to.

“We’re trying to get the city to do something about this guy,” Domas said. 

Leas said he’ll likely pay another artist to repaint the home as soon as he comes up with another idea.

The Associated Press reported that in the past that Leas had a middle finger painted on his garage. It was then replaced with a graffiti mural. 

Neighbors also say Leas has been reported for having an unused ice cream truck in front of his home and yellow caution tape around his property.