Man claims Lake Pleasant water slide H2-Whoa! chipped his teeth

Man claims Lake Pleasant slide chipped his teeth
Posted at 5:55 PM, Jun 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-05 01:43:44-04

At speeds of thirty-five miles an hour, it can launch you into the air in a grand display of acrobatics. But one man who recently went down H2-Whoa!, that world's tallest floating slide, says his experience was less than stellar.  

"I just like felt my teeth crumble in my mouth," said DaShane Guy.

Guy is facing a thousand dollar dental bill after needing work done following an injury he says he sustained while going down the slide over the weekend. 

On Saturday, Guy says his 30th birthday celebration quickly turned to panic when his teeth were smashed after a ride down the popular Lake Pleasant slide. 

"I did what they told me, and when I came down I caught the very tip of my mouth on this slide," said Guy.

Guy says he was the first and only of his friends to give it a try. 

The instructions for going down require riders to slide face-first, propped on their elbows. 

"I'm 6'4, so I'm a little bit longer than a majority of people who are going down it, so I tried to brace myself like they said," said Guy.

More than the injury itself, he says it's how the employees and owner handled the situation that has him warning others.

"He just didn't care at all, he was just worried about the next person," said Guy.

"I'll quote him, he said "well that sucks bro, I don't know what to tell you" that was his explanation," said friend and witness Kelsey Moreland. 

Each person is required to sign a waiver before using the slide.

In a statement, H2-Whoa says the accident occurred due to improper body position and claimed the rider actually chipped his teeth on his own knuckles. They also say Guy was intoxicated, something that's not allowed. 

Guy denies drinking, but after a thousand dollars in dental work, he's warning others to slide at their own risk. 

"It's very insulting if he's gonna design something and offer it to the public, especially children, and everybody, then he should definitely be more sympathetic about injuries," said Guy.

H2-Whoa! management released the following statement to ABC15 in regards to the incident: 

The incident that occurred with the guest on Saturday, June 2nd at 3:45 pm was highly unfortunate.
In any highly physical activity, there can be 

for injury. At H2-Whoa our highest priority is the safety
of our guests.

After a comprehensive review of our video/audio surveillance as well as thoroughly debriefing the staff
witnesses on hand, it’s been concluded the incident occurred due to improper body position. The
individual bumped his front teeth on his knuckles due to this incorrect body position. Upon further
review of his teeth, alcohol was detected on his breath by more than one staff member and
management. This is strictly prohibited at H2-Whoa and specifically noted as such on our waiver.
While we at H2-Whoa provide detailed instruction both verbally, physically, as well as through multiple
areas of signage, we’re unable to correct an individuals position mid-slide. Hence why all participants
must sign a detailed waiver indicating they’re aware of any risk associated with this activity as well as
acknowledge they are not intoxicated or 

affected by any substance that could alter their ability to
-H2-WHOA management