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Goodyear girl chosen for MLB TrailBlazer series

Posted at 10:35 PM, Apr 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-10 01:35:55-04

As spring rolls into summer, lights at ball fields across the nation are turning on as fans and players gear up for baseball season.

Stacey Garcia says for her; there's no sport like it. 

"All the parents in the stands cheering them on, all the teams getting ready," said Garcia. 

At thirteen, she's one to two girls on her little league baseball team, that's right baseball. 

A game that she says taught her both pain and strength. 

"Even if I get hit by a pitch, get hit by a ball, I should never be afraid of it," said Garcia. 

Garcia says she's not afraid that much anymore, especially when competing against the boy's team.

"If I'm pitching and I strike them out it's pretty cool," said Garcia. "I give them a smile and cheer."

But this weekend in California, Garcia will get to showcase her skills in the name of girls. Major league baseball is hosting its second annual trailblazers series, which gives 100 girls 13-and-under from the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico coaching from some of major league's best. 

So when Garcia heard about the chance to prove baseball isn't just for the boys, she entered into the series and was chosen. 

"It's kind of like nerve-racking but exciting at the same time," said Garcia. 

"I'm probably the one who's more excited than anyone," said Estevan Garcia, Stacey's father. 

Stacey's father praises the events efforts to promote diversity in a game that's historically struggled with the word. The experience, he says, will not only help her skills on the field but inspire others. 

"Times are changing and having three daughters, what I could tell them is they can do anything they want," said Estevan Garcia. 

And what Stacey wants, Estevan says, is to be a major leaguer.

"Who knows, I can be the first," said Stacey Garcia. 

Along with getting some top-notch coaching, the girls will be honored at a Dodger's game, play multi-team tournaments, and even meet some of the famous ladies from the National Women's Baseball League.

The Trailblazers series kicks off in Los Angeles Friday, April 13.