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Valley couple gets engaged at New York City Marathon

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Posted at 9:34 PM, Nov 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-09 00:26:17-05

GLENDALE, AZ — For Wendy Macias and Kris Glocksien of Glendale - marriage is a marathon, not a sprint.

When Wendy Macias was running cross country at a high school in south Phoenix, she says she may have been more focused on someone else rather than the race.

“I've always had my eyes on him,” said Wendy as she laughs while looking at Kris.

After high school, whether it be at a Diamondbacks game or mutual friends, Wendy says her running path kept crossing with Kris, her old crush.

"She's always there supporting me at my races,” said Kris with a smile on his face.

Dating turned into love laced together like a running shoe under the same roof in Glendale.

As a part-time cross country coach for a Scottsdale high school, Kris found a passion for the challenge of triathlons while Wendy supported his every step.

"He doesn't show off, and I was like, I'd be telling everyone. I guess he does it every other month so it's nothing to him,” said Wendy.

On Sunday, Kris was one of 30,000 runners in the New York City Marathon with Wendy holding a sign reading, “why do all the cute ones run away.”

Thousands of runners in between even more New York spectators for over 26 miles had Kris wondering if he’ll be able to find Wendy and his family.

For most of the race, Kris carried a ring in his pocket which then made its way onto his pinky finger, under his glove.

At mile 17 in front of many of Kris’ family and passing runners on the course, Kris got down on one well-used knee to ask Wendy to be his wife.

"I was like, ‘oh okay this is happening.’ Honestly, I think I blacked out because I really don't remember much. Did I say yes? Did I cry, I really don't know,” said Wendy trying to recall the moment.

Kris tells us he finished the race in just over three hours and thirty minutes with a pace at just over an eight-minute mile.

Racing to the finish to spend the rest of their lives on the same track.

Kris was given a medal for finishing the race, but he said, “I think this takes the cake, definitely,” when he looked at Wendy wearing that engagement ring.