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State Farm Stadium tours back after two-year hiatus

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Posted at 6:21 PM, Sep 15, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-15 21:39:44-04

GLENDALE, AZ — Back after a two-year hiatus, State Farm Stadium has restarted its behind-the-scene tours.

“First of all there’s over nine hundred miles of concrete that was used to build this stadium,” said tour guide Nancy Lavalley to a group of guests.

Lavalley is back to doling out factoids and doing what she loves.

The veteran with State Farm Stadium has been giving tours for eight years helping to deliver a peak behind the curtain at one of the NFL’s top destinations.

“The Bidwill family purchased the team in 1933 for the sum of fifty thousand dollars, they’re worth a whole lot more than that now,” said Lavalley. “I think fans love to have a special experience that maybe goes above and beyond the game day experience."

They certainly get it here with her help by pointing out the history of the stadium and its owners.

Visitors get an insight into the unique construction of the dome structure, the roof, and of course the natural grass field, grown outdoors, the first of its kind. A field that is eventually moved into the stadium for game day.

“It moves in very slowly, it moves between a quarter to a half an inch every minute, it takes seventy minutes for that trey to move in here,” said Lavalley pointing to the field's tracking features.

“It’s really amazing how engineers and people can design something that’ll do that,” said Frank Chavez.

Chavez, a Cowboys fan, felt right at home inside the visitor locker room taking a seat at one of the nearby lockers.

“You can feel the greatness coming out of the lockers,” said Chavez.

He says he decided to take the tour for the experience and bragging rights while visiting here from New Mexico.

“When I come here for a game or when I watch a game on tv it’s always great to say I’ve been there, I’ve seen that, you should see down in the locker room, that stuff is cool to me,” said Chavez.

Cardinal fanatic Daniel Rivera says for once, he agrees with a Cowboys fan.

“Being able to get that one-on-one with the tour guide, it was amazing seeing everything behind the scenes, going into the locker room, I mean you can’t beat it,” said Rivera.

From the best seats in the house to the press box. The day definitely left these football fans rooting for more.

"I would definitely tell everyone to check it out," said Rivera.

Ticket prices for the tour range from $17 for veterans, seniors, and children to $20 for adults.

Officials say they will be expanding tour options in the next few weeks.

Here is a glimpse at each option.

  • Behind the Scenes Tours: Go into the areas not seen by the fans on game day including the Press Box, an exclusive Private Loft, the NFL Visiting Team Locker Room, and a look up and around from the Stadium Floor. 
  • Field Move Tours: Each Friday prior to Arizona Cardinals home games, watch State Farm Stadium transform right before your eyes! Be there as the field moves into the stadium in preparation for game day. 
  • Pre-Game Tours: Curious what it takes to make State Farm Stadium game ready for each Arizona Cardinals game? Come take a look around while the field is in the building and get a glimpse of the pre-game action.

All Tours are announced and go on sale one month in advance of the Tour dates; tickets can be purchased at or the State Farm Stadium Ticket Office.