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RestaurantHER supports women in the restaurant industry

Posted at 5:05 AM, Mar 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-08 17:58:34-05

A new campaign supported by food delivery service GrubHub is aiming to help women in the male-dominated restaurant industry.

They have launched a site called RestaurantHER where you can sign a pledge to support female owners and female chefs. For every pledge, GrubHub will donate $1 up to $1,000,000 toward community initiatives. The website says the first $100,000 will go to the Women Chefs & Restaurateurs organization.

The website also has an interactive map that allows users to type in their zip code and find restaurants that have a female chef or female owner/co-owner.  

ABC15 used that map to find The Hop Stop Diner in downtown Glendale near 58th and Glendale avenues.

If you step inside, owner Andrea Shobe's diner decor, may take you back to a different era.

"It all started with polka dots," Shobe laughed "And the Coca-Cola goes really well with polka dots." 

You're transported to a time when you could buy that Coke with a nickel and when good service was served up first. 

Shobe has been delivering food with a smile every single day for the last five years. She is a perfect example of GrubHub's new campaign because she does everything; from taking orders to operating the register.  

Shobe said that knowing there is a sisterhood of support out there makes her service that much sweeter. 

"Realistically, we're competition - but, we're not," Shobe explained. "There's enough to go around...and there's enough that we can share and make everybody successful."

She plans on using that online restaurant map to network with other women in the business.