Valley football fans warn of credit card fraud

Posted at 7:28 PM, Jan 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-07 00:21:38-05

Out of state football fans didn't think celebrating at Westgate Mall in Glendale would lead to a credit fraud nightmare.

One of the victims tells ABC15, after eating at at McFadden's December 27, several people in the group got calls about fraudulent charges made to their cards.

"There were purchases made in two different states at the exact same time. They took $500 directly out of my account," Caitlin Bush said.

The victims were told by their banks, the charges were made using a fake credit card. ABC15 found even more victims when we searched on Yelp. One writes, the manager told them they were aware of the problem, suggesting a problem with the bank.

"If you know something is wrong with your system and someone is taking customers first and last names and credit card numbers, you think you would put a stop to it," said Bush.

After several unanswered phone calls to the Glendale restaurant, ABC15 went to get some answers.

The General Manager declined to comment, eventually sending the marketing manager over to talk to us.

"He says no comment. I don't think we really know what is going on," said Katie Larson with McFadden's.

We are still waiting on a response from McFadden's corporate offices.

Glendale police say people should always check their credit card statement or pay in cash to make sure their bank accounts aren't being hacked.