Homeowners walk in on burglary, 4 detained

Posted at 5:58 PM, Apr 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-12 02:07:39-04

A Valley couple took action after finding four people burglarizing their home Monday.

Jacinda Arias says when she, her boyfriend and younger brother pulled up to her driveway, the crooks' getaway car was parked out front and she could see two women climbing out her front window.

"They had a look of shock, like they didn't expect to see us," Arias said.

As soon as the suspects drove off, Arias' boyfriend got in the car and followed after them. Arias says when she went into the house, she saw only the couple's room had been targeted and her boyfriend’s expensive sneaker collection had been cleaned out.

"The whole top of my closet was full, the whole bottom of my closet was full, up the sides,” but after the burglars got to them she said, “There’s like four pairs of shoes left."

Arias says the two women were friends of hers, or so she thought, so they knew exactly what was in the house.

"They were old friends of mine so it hurts me to see them all drugged up," said Arias.

Phoenix police say Arias' boyfriend followed the suspects for about five miles before flagging down a Maricopa County Sheriff's officer who stopped and arrested the suspects and recovered a trunk full of shoes.  

Phoenix police say four people were arrested. The investigation is on-going.