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Glendale police releases new video of 2017 deadly officer-involved shooting

Posted at 7:16 PM, Aug 29, 2018

Glendale police released new video Wednesday, showing different angles of police body camera footage depicting an officer-involved shooting that took place in July 2017.

The incident involved 23-year-old Patrick Sanchez

Officers responded to a call for help at the Stadium Court Apartments near 83rd and Glendale avenues. 

In the 9-1-1 call, you hear a woman calling for help saying her and her paralyzed boyfriend were being held hostage by a man and woman armed with a gun and knife. 

The woman is calling from a neighbor's phone.

When police release these body camera videos to the media, typically a lot of footage has to be redacted, by law. 

In a rare move, Glendale police invited members of the media to view the body camera footage from all angles un-redacted so that we could see the full picture involving a tragic incident.

A police spokeswoman said these shootings were very difficult to handle for the officers involved in them as well. They were able to release the video as the officers have been exonerated after a review of the incident by the county attorney's office.

Police said the suspect had a gun hidden in his sock and a pocket knife in a fixed-open open position was retrieved from his person as well. Police said the suspect, Sanchez was a convicted felon and a prohibited possessor. 

He had just been released from prison in March 2017 about four months before this incident.

The call officers were dispatched to was "unknown trouble, possible people being held hostage."

Police say the shooting took place 38 seconds after they made initial contact with Sanchez.

In the video you see officers Sanchez fighting back as officers try to restrain him. 

The video shows Sanchez reaching toward his ankle. Police say that is where he had the gun hidden under his jeans.

In the video, you hear an officer screaming "stop reaching for *expletive* put your hands behind your back. Get on the ground."

You hear another officer screaming, "Put your hands behind your *expletive* back, he's got a *expletive* gun, he's got his hand on a *expletive* gun."

Police showed us video and a still shot of the suspect's hand on his ankle with his finger in a "trigger-finger" position. 

In the video, you hear the suspect telling the female suspect that was with him, "shoot 'em, shoot 'em."  The woman is sitting on the ground and crying.

That is when police shoot the suspect.

While releasing the video, police said they were still unable to comment on the case as it is still pending litigation.