Glendale PD locates three missing children

Posted at 5:15 PM, Mar 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-27 08:36:59-04

Three children have been safely located about nine hours after being reported missing in Glendale, and the children are now in the care of the Glendale Family Advocacy Center. Their mother Shawntaye Beavers, 26, is expected to be arrested for having two outstanding warrants, police said. 

According to the Glendale Police Department, Beavers was returning home to an apartment complex near 65th and Montebello avenues just before 1 p.m. when she discovered her three children were missing. 

Christian Schoonover, 8, Lydia Zamora, 4, and LillyAnna Zamora, 2, were safely located right before 10 p.m. according to a tweet by Glendale police. The children are in good condition and will be interviewed by detectives. 

Police said a relative of the girl's father, who came by the apartment, found the children and took the kids to their grandmother's home in Phoenix. The family member was worried about the children's safety and welfare, so the individual took the children with him. Police said the relative tried to get in contact with Beavers, but was unsuccessful. Additionally, family members will also be interviewed by detectives. 

Beavers told police she left her children in the home around noon for a brief moment to run a quick errand at a grocery store and locked the door, and upon her arrival the children were gone and the door was unlocked. However, police later learned that the mother had left the children in the home without adult supervision for what appears to be a longer amount of time than she originally reported to police. 

Police say there was no evidence of a forced entry into the home. 

Police were searching the area and door knocking every apartment unit to see if the children were there. They were also stopping all traffic going into and out of the complex to check for the kids. 

Police said the two fathers of the children were not suspects in the case. Beavers was cooperating with police, however she will be arrested for having two outstanding warrants for disorderly conduct and theft. She could be facing child neglect charges. 

The Arizona Department of Child Safety is now involved in the investigation after officials said the woman's home was dirty and the lack of cleanliness raised red flags. Feces was found inside the home. DCS will be conducting a separate investigation after the home was found to be unsanitary. 

Detectives are still investigating.