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Glendale PD release body cam video of fatal police shooting

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Posted at 9:40 PM, Jul 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-10 01:56:13-04

A Valley woman speaks with ABC15 about a police shooting that played out in her garage.

It all started as a break-in. Glendale police have released body camera video showing the intense moments.

"That was the third door where the alarm was ruptured, and he came through here," says Betty Bueltman, homeowner.

Betty Buelteman is still trying to piece together how a man broke into her home and why.

"Well, it was sure handy that it happened when I was out of town. I feel extremely lucky," says Bueltman.

The alarm company alerted Betty to the incident in early May and then contacted Glendale police.

This body camera video shows officers responding to her home near 59th and Northern Avenues, finding a man barricaded inside a vehicle in the garage. A freezer was also moved to block the doorway entrance. The SWAT team came to assist after the man refused to follow orders.

"Drop your hands, Drop your hands," shouting officers in body camera video.

Glendale PD says the man ultimately charged at officers with several sharp objects. They in turn fired several shots - killing the man.

"He went straight through the house, found the key. I had it in a bowl where I throw extra keys and garage door openers. He found the key and was out and I don't know where he thought he was going... there are gates, they were locked," says Bueltman.

Betty's vehicle was taken into evidence for some time, and she later sold it once she got it back.

The man identified as 45-year-old Mariano Villegas is a career criminal. He can be seen in the video walking around the backyard, even going up to the security camera at one point.

"Here's my face," says Villegas in security camera footage.

Betty is thankful she wasn't there to witness any of it.

"It would've been a heck of a surprise if I would have been here," says Bueltman.

Glendale police is doing an internal and criminal review of the case.

It will then be sent to the Maricopa County's Attorney's Office for further review to determine whether use of force was in policy.