Glendale, Phoenix communities targeted by vandals shooting out car windows

Posted at 3:07 PM, Nov 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-15 13:57:34-05

Phoenix Police are looking for a suspect who has been shooting out car windows of parked cars in the north Phoenix and Glendale areas. 

"It appears a suspect is using some form of projectile device, possibly a BB gun, to damage windows on parked vehicles," said Lt. Paul Taylor with the Phoenix Police Department in an email. 

Priscilla Ackerman's car was also damaged by the vandals.

Ackerman explained, "Ours was the only one where you can actually see that it was a BB that hit it."

Lt. Taylor said the two departments are working together to try and catch this person, who is estimated to have struck more than 20 times. 

A family reached out to ABC15 on Saturday morning, after waking up to find that their car window had been shot and shattered in their driveway in Glendale. 

Glendale police told Jonah Nieves and his family that a handful of other cars were hit the exact same way. But Nieves actually caught the act on camera. 

The daylight drive-by happened around 7:30 a.m. Saturday. 

"OK, here's the vehicle coming by," Nieves said while pointing at his security footage. "Nothing happens."

But then the car comes back around his home near the Loop 101 and 51st Avenue. 

"It's going to slow down — you're going to see someone's arm come out," Nieves said.

Suddenly, Nieves' back window is shattered with glass pouring over the driveway. 

"They didn't get out," Nieves explained. "So, you're not going to see a person: height, width, age. You know, all you see is a car window rolled down — bunch of glass shatters."

A family member, who used to work at ABC15, tipped us off to this string of vandalism. ABC15, tipped us off to this string of vandalism. 

"We talked to the officer and he said that this was the fifth call for him — same type of call just for that one officer," Nieves said.Nieves said.

So, that number is estimated to be closer to a dozen different calls in the surrounding area.

For Nieves, with his family so close to the crime, it is unnerving that this suspect just drove away. 

"We're awake and up and around the house and this happens," Nieves said. "It's frustrating to know that it happened right outside your house; It's really frustrating." 

The family really wanted to make this video public because police do not have a lot to go on, except for the surveillance video they provided.

Susan Finton, a neighbor whose car was also targeted, said she got up early to have a yard sale and discovered glass scattered across your driveway and her rear window shot out.

"I was really sorry to see this type of element enter our neighborhood. We've always had a safe place here, it made it a little scary," Finton said.

A Phoenix spokesperson said it appears that all the incidents are connected.

Phoenix police said the vehicle is a late 90s four-door, dark green Toyota Corolla with stock rims. 

Police said there are no indications as of yet that these reports are related to the serial street shooter. 

If you have any information, you can contact either departments or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.