Help police track down Valley child molester

Posted at 8:47 AM, Feb 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-26 13:24:44-05

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Wanted: Martin Ernest Dittrich

Charges: Convicted child molester failed to alert officials to current location or attend counseling classes, resulting in probation violation.

71-year-old Martin Ernest Dittrich has been on the run from law enforcement for 10 years. He was sentenced in Feb. 2005 for 2 counts of child molestation.

They were playing the measuring game

Police say Dittrich molested two, 7-year-old boys during a three year period. He would take the boys into his confidence by playing games with them. He molested one of the boys in the garage of his home when they were playing a measuring game where they compared body parts.

Three years later, another boy was molested in his Glendale home while sitting on Dittrich's lap and playing a Nintendo game.

Fortunately, after receiving counseling services, police say both boys are doing well today.

At the time of the offenses, Dittrich was working for Maricopa County Assessor's Office as an appraiser.

In Dittrich's pre-sentence report, it says he asked the court to grant him probation with no jail time, saying he was remorseful and promising it would not happen again.

The probation department asked for a 6-month jail term, to drive home to Dittrich the consequences of his actions.

In exchange for a guilty plea, he was given lifetime probation with no jail time for the molestations. 

He complied for only the first year of his 99-year probation

As part of his probation, Dittrich was to participate in counseling services and alert the probation department of any address changes. He complied with his probation for only the first year of his 99-year probation. 

If you know or have seen Martin Dittrich please contact police.