VIDEO: Teens run out of cars to break into other vehicles

Posted at 7:16 PM, Jul 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-23 07:54:10-04

From Peoria to Gilbert, a bizarre crime trend has been striking the Valley. Now, Buckeye residents are the latest victims of several thefts carried out by a bunch of juveniles.

Surveillance video newly released from a Buckeye neighborhood street near Yuma Road and Jackrabbit Trail show exactly that happening earlier this month. The kids and teens spill out of multiple cars in the dark of night, then run from driveway to driveway as they look to find unlocked doors.

One neighbor told ABC15 they only got away with his sunglasses from his car. But, he said his neighbor's car was actually stolen. Others on the Buckeye Police Department website said that they had house keys and garage door openers stolen. That is a scary notion because now these crooks have a way to come back and get inside.

"This is our neighborhood, that's just next door, it's scary!"

Corina was not comfortable sharing her last name, but she lives on the Buckeye street these crooks came down.

She said that seeing the surveillance video really frightened her and made her think that it was time to take action.

"Now, it's security system, we've purchased already," Corina explained. "And now it's time to take our lessons and we're buying guns."

It was the burglars that were the trigger for her to finally give into her husband's idea to have a gun in the house. But, that also makes her concerned for those juveniles.

"They're going to get hurt," Corina said. "You're in someone else's property, the risks are high."

But, after watching the video, Corina said, they are bold and do not seem to be scared.

Buckeye police said these crooks stole multiple cars and ABC15 now knows they came back to the same street twice.

"Go get a job," exclaimed neighbor Tim Wagner. "Work for your things! You don't have to go stealing things, it's much better working for it."

Wagner thinks the community can take the suspects down.

"Cameras are up all over this neighborhood," Wagner said. "I love it, so yeah we're watching, we'll be on guard."

Buckeye police are asking residents to double-check to make sure their car and house doors are locked. They also hope that if someone else has surveillance video, they will share it with the department to help catch the suspects. To do that, call (623) 349-6468.

Also, if you see any suspicious activity in your Buckeye neighborhood, they ask you to give the department at call at (623) 349-6400.