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Verrado student in physical rehab after rollover crash

Posted at 5:25 PM, Jan 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-16 23:17:02-05

A student from Verrado High School continues on the road to recovery after a serious crash in December. 

"To get to a hospital and have a doctor tell you that you should probably say goodbye to him because he's not going to survive, I mean it's a parent's nightmare," said Deron Miller talking about the day his son Dylan was in a rollover car crash. 

A miracle is defined by a highly improbable or extraordinary event. 

The steps taken this week by Dylan Miller just may qualify. 

"Not knowing where we'd be today, we would have been OK if he could at least just open his eyes and communicate even if he didn't have a voice," said Miller's mother Natalie. 

But Dylan Miller is giving them so much more. 

Just five weeks earlier, doctors performed emergency surgery by removing part of his skull to save his life. 

A surgery he was not expected to survive. 

In early December, Dylan rolled his jeep in front of Verrado High School. The vehicle crushed his head.

"Really since just a week ago this past Saturday he's awake, he's alert, completely oriented to where he is, what's going on. I mean it's like he flipped the switch right back on and he's Dylan again," said Deron Miller.

Dylan, once in a coma, is now powering through rehab and building muscle. 

The Verrado High School athlete even had a quick basketball toss with his dad from his hospital bed. 

"His vocal chords are just so weak, he just whispers. It's getting louder but he uses his hands a lot, thumbs up and the sign for I love you," said Deron and Natalie. 

And his family says they've felt an intense love from the community who've poured out their support on Facebook, prayer and hundreds of letters. 

"I have a box full of cards and letters and just cute things little kids have made, to his classmates in school, to church leaders, his teachers even," said Natalie. 

Tonight Dylan himself has a message for all those who've helped him push through via a video message he sent to ABC15.  

"Hi everyone, thank you for your support, I love you," said Dylan. 

Over the next six weeks he will continue intense physical and mental rehab at St. Josephs Hospital in Phoenix. His parents hope to finally bring him home after the six-week rehab.