Nonprofit search and rescue group continues to look for missing Jesse Wilson

Posted at 3:55 PM, Oct 01, 2016
It's been nearly three months since anyone has seen Jesse Wilson.
The Buckeye boy went missing in July 17 from his home near 239th Avenue and Twilight Trail. Police, volunteers and the community have been searching for him ever since.
But on Saturday, there was a renewed push to find the young boy.
This was all organized by his grandmother, who went right along with volunteers—spanning the desert outskirts of Buckeye and Avondale. 
Jesse's grandmother, Cynthia Lauderdale, said she has never been the same since he has been missing.
Lauderdale has not seen Jesse in six years because he was adopted. But, she has actually been fighting for custody of the little boy for years, she said. 
Lauderdale explained that she is still trying to get custody of Jesse's other two siblings. She believes that if she would have been able to get the children, Jesse would not be missing right now. 
"I just love them and they deserve the love from their family; from their biological family," Lauderdale said. "I've never forgotten them and that's why I'm still here today still, six years later."
Lauderdale also contacted Arizona Extreme Terrain Search and Rescue for help in finding her grandson. 
The group is a nonprofit that works with their dozen or so volunteers to help in search efforts, like Jesse's. 
They plan to search the outer areas of Buckeye and Avondale—mainly the desert areas for the next couple of days and they plan to do so around the clock. 
"It's going to be a very difficult search and a very time consuming search," Fredrick Niehans said. 
Niehans is one of the owners of Arizona Extreme Terrain Search and Rescue. Volunteers plan to comb the desert terrain by foot, horseback and by air with drones.
"We all hope that he's somehow out there and has managed to survive," Niehans said. "But, the biggest thing is that we're trying to help this family find closure."
This, also, gets very personal for Niehans. He himself lost a child. 
It's something I more than understand," Niehans said. "I didn't lose my child in this manner, but I know what could possibly going through her [Lauderdale's] mind." 
Crews will work in several shifts and they plan on working into the night and all day Sunday. 
Lauderdale said she is overwhelmed with emotion after seeing all the volunteers who came out to find her grandson. 
"I'm just hoping he's found and justice is served if there's been foul play," Lauderdale said. "But, if not, I hope he's found alive."
Click here to view map of where Buckeye officials have already searched.