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Winds rip roof off Queen Creek home with family inside

Posted at 9:55 PM, Jul 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-12 01:26:23-04

High winds ripped the roof off of a manufactured home and caused other damage in the Southeast Valley after back-to-back nights of storms.

Dakota Rasmussen said the house he's rented for four years is now unlivable after Friday's monsoon storm.

"It sounded like bombs going off," he said. "It was so loud."

High winds ripping the roof off their Queen Creek home like a sardine can, according to the family.

"As it was coming off, I grabbed the kids off the couch and put them in the bedroom," Rasmussen said.

The couch is now covered in debris, and the father of twin 10-year-old boys said the ceiling was caving in as they ran for cover.

"Nothing else went through my mind except getting my wife and kids out safe," Rasmussen said. "That's the only thing that mattered at the time."

When the wind slowed a little, they dashed to their car and drove to a relative's home.

Other damage was evident near Hunt Highway and Gary Road. There was a flipped-over RV, tree limbs in the road, huge puddles, and drywall scattered across the desert. Several block walls tumbled down.

Several of Rasmussen's chickens died after the wind blew over his backyard coop, but his dogs found shelter and survived. He's trying to find temporary locations for them.

Rasmussen said he was renting the now-destroyed home and didn't have insurance.

The family is trying to salvage what they can, but this terrible storm is also a reminder of what really matters.

"Nothing inside matters, it's all replaceable," Rasmussen said. "My kids and wife - they can't be replaced."

A GoFundMe account is raising money for the family to find a new place to live.