Video: Angry driver confronts cyclists in Tempe

Posted at 9:38 PM, May 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-18 01:39:55-04

A road rage incident is caught on camera in Tempe between a drive and a group of bicyclists has spilled over onto social media.

The video shows a driver berating cyclists for merging into a left-turn lane at Mill Avenue and Curry Road. You can hear the driver swear several times at the bicyclists, telling them to get on the sidewalk.

Even though the driver angrily claims to know the law, it is the bicyclists who were in the right.

Tempe police want to remind drivers and bicyclists that those on two wheels have every right that cars do on the road.

“We’ve all got to learn to get along out there,” said Tempe Police Lieutenant Mike Pooley.

When it comes to riding on the road, cyclists should be in a bike lane if possible, not on the sidewalk and should be going with the flow of traffic.

It is the law that drivers give bicyclists three-feet of room as they are passing.  

A biker should make left turns using the turning lane with cars and be sure to use proper, clear hand signals.

Just like in a car, bicyclists also need to remember to give drivers enough time to react when they are merging.

Lt. Pooley said in the case of the YouTube video, the driver did not commit a crime. However, he warned anyone who ends up in a similar confrontation should let it go and report it.

"Whether he's right or you're right, it's not worth getting hurt or injured or sometimes even killed over, it's just not worth it." he said.