Thursday's strange lights over Tempe more patriotic than paranormal

Posted at 4:27 PM, Nov 11, 2016

More strange activity lit up the Tempe sky Thursday night, causing many people to take to social media. 

"What is that," ABC15 viewer Leann Mabry said while recording the lights on her phone. 

She sent in her video early Friday morning after spotting the lights in the sky near 44th Street and State Route 202— she was facing east of the airport. 

Mabry was not alone in her befuddlement after a handful of other posts popped up on Facebook and Twitter.

But based on timing, location and other posts, the lights were actually a tribute to the people who served our country.

The U.S. Army Golden Knights, a group of skydivers, took the plunge during Arizona State University's football game Thursday night. 

But the Valley may be on the extra-terrestrial edge because of the last unexplained encounter in the east valley on Oct. 15. That instance was compared to the infamous Phoenix Lights

"If I just took a look at that and there was no discussion of, you know, unidentified flying objects, I would probably say maybe that's a flare," said astronomer Dr. Sky. "But I tend to doubt that, too, because, again, something streaming out of that is not an ordinary aircraft." 

We have put in calls to every agency on the Oct. 15 incident, but no one has claimed responsibility for those string of strange lights. 

But at least this latest sky show has an explanation.