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Tempe neighborhood on the lookout for car battery bandit

Posted at 10:34 PM, Mar 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-30 01:35:39-04

A bold car battery bandit is hitting up homes in the valley and victims are hoping to track him down before he strikes again.

The suspect was caught on surveillance video at two houses, stealing car batteries in the middle of the day. 

Surveillance video from Shane Clark's home shows a white truck cruising around a neighborhood near Hardy Drive and Guadalupe Road in Tempe. It suddenly pulls a U-turn, and the driver makes a quick theft. 

"What the heck happened to them?" Clark said. "Did I misplace them? So we checked the cameras."

The suspect is caught on camera, wearing shorts, socks, and slippers, and grabbing two batteries as Clark's brother ran inside for a few minutes while working on his car. 

"I feel upset and violated," said Clark.

They filed a police report and posted the video on Facebook. 

Friends started commenting, and one even posted another video of what appears to be the same man, stealing batteries from a home in north Phoenix. 

"He's wearing the exact same flip flops, exact same shorts," said Clark. "You can also make out the same tattoos and everything."

His Facebook friends also warned that battery bandits steal the goods, just to recycle them for a few bucks. 

"A $400 battery and they go and sell it for $15 to $20," said Clark. 

Posting the video also led to friends tracking down a possible Facebook profile of the suspect.

"They were saying, 'this is him,'" said Clark. "So we turned that over to the police, and hopefully they get him."