Residents at Tempe apartment complex say they have been without air conditioning since last week

Posted at 4:37 PM, Jul 31, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-31 20:42:44-04

Residents at an apartment complex are furious, telling ABC15 they have been without air conditioning since Thursday of last week. 

Many have been forced to keep their doors open at night, saying they have to put their own safety at risk to keep cool.   

This isn't the first time those living at the Santa Fe Court Apartments, near McKellips and Scottsdale roads, have contacted ABC15 about their air conditioning issues. Back in 2013, residents told us a similar story about the lack of air conditioning and the lack of caring to fix it in a timely manner.

Now, history seems to be repeating itself.

"Will this be this way tomorrow? You know, and this has to be the one of the worst summers as far as temperature-wise," said Gary Stevens.

Stevens has been a resident of the complex for six years. He said the lack of air conditioning has forced him to stay home from work for the past two days to make sure his pet parrots stay alive.

"They would be stuck in there - with the door shut," Stevens said. "It's hot now, even with the fans going. But, they would have died."

Other residents spoke of similar concerns, eager to tell ABC15 what they have been living through.

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"In fact, my son, is going to start school in a few days and he doesn't go to sleep," said Charles Evans. "We have to sleep with the door open. I've been considering sleeping outside, you know, actually on the balcony."

"Everybody here looks exhausted when they come out the door," said Anthony Vizcarra. "Nobody here really hangs [out] inside. They're all outside. Like, it's more cooler out here than it is inside."

But, management has provided no notice or memo, according to the residents.

Managers asked ABC15 to leave the property when our crew approached the management office. Officials said they couldn't talk to us because they 'were busy working on the A/C.'

However, when ABC15 called the office off-property, a man named 'Joe' answered. He refused to give us his last name. He went on to say that they did not have the parts to fix the A/C and that the items they needed were being overnight shipped to them.

'Joe' also said that the air had not been off since Thursday, like a majority of residents said. He said it had 'only been a day.'

We also tried to talk to a woman who lives on site. Her door had a sign on it that asked residents not to knock and ask about the A/C because she did not have any answers.

We knocked, but there was no answer.

If you are ever in a similar situation, do not wait to take action yourself. You can call your city's non-emergency fire department line. They can help provide a safe place for you to stay. Also, Arizona Tenants Advocates can help you with tenants issues and knowing your rights and the Phoenix Neighborhood Services Department can help advise tenants no matter where you live in the Valley.