PD body camera video released in Tempe shooting

Posted at 10:42 PM, Jan 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-08 00:59:47-05

Tempe police have released the body camera video of the moments following an officer-involved shooting in Tempe just days after Christmas.

According to the police report and phone recordings, Sitharath Sam called the non-emergency line to have her drunk boyfriend, Sean Mould, escorted from their home.

She later told police he had been drinking vodka and Southern Comfort and was making derogatory statements toward her and she wanted him to leave.

Sam called Mould’s father to pick him up and that’s who suggested she call police for assistance instead.

When dispatch asked Sam if Mould had any weapons, she said no, but family members would later tell police Mould would often carry a small switch-blade pocket knife.

According to the report, police say they found Mould in the garage with a pocket knife and when the officer told him to drop it he said, "Shoot me, just shoot me."

When Mould advanced on the officer he was shot.

On the body-cam video you can hear an officer react.

"He just came at us with a knife," the officer says.

You can also see Sam break into hysterics when she realizes her boyfriend has been shot.

"He was just being argumentative, it's my fault. I should've never called you guys,” Sam said.

In Sam’s statement to police she said Mould had a drinking problem and was bipolar.

The officer who shot him is still on paid leave.