PD: 5 Tempe vehicle fires linked to same suspect

Posted at 6:35 AM, Sep 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-17 09:35:04-04

Police announced Wednesday thatfive vehicle fires in Tempe have been linked to the same suspect. 

According to Tempe police, four incidents occurred on Sept. 11, followed by one incident on Sept. 13, all of which have been linked to one suspect. However, police said they are still working to determine if Aug. 15 and Sept. 8 attacks are also linked. 

Police said the fires have been purposefully set in the early morning hours in the area of Broadway Road between McClintock Drive and Price Road: 

  • Aug. 15: 2000 E. Broadway Road
  • Sept. 8: 1900 S. River Drive
  • Sept. 11: 1700 S. Price Road
  • Sept. 11: 1900 S. Shannon Drive
  • Sept. 11: 2000 E. Broadway Drive
  • Sept. 11: 2100 Broadway Drive
  • Sept. 13: 1900 E. Palmcraft Drive

No one has been injured during the fires, police said.

Tempe police and fire officials encourage residents to be vigilant by parking in secured garages, keeping porch lights on and calling to report any suspicious activity at 480-350-9311.