More residents upset with "unlivable conditions" at Tempe apartments

Posted at 6:33 PM, Jun 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-28 07:25:17-04

ABC15 has uncovered more issues for a Tempe apartment complex after a woman's disastrous move-in.  

When Serena King moved into her apartment at Tempe Manor a week ago, there was a hole in her door, where a lock should've been. And, among other glaring issues, her window was broken

Since Monday's report, these issues have been fixed. 

"I still haven't seen the management but their maintenance person has been working hard to get us everything that we've asked for," she said.

Still not fixed?

Exposed electrical outlets, and missing door handles, which are issues, according to Tempe's city code that are unacceptable. 

"It was absolutely a mess," Sean Kennedy said after reaching out to ABC15. 

He moved into the complex six months ago, and says his unit was far from move-in ready.

"It's kind of a necessity to have a bathroom door," he said. He was tired of waiting and installed a door himself. As well as fixing a stove that he says wasn't working. 

"Obviously you can see not much has gotten done since I moved in December 12th, other than the work that I've done."

Tenants are fed up. 

"I feel like I've been taken advantage of," King said.

And they're not backing down.

"Start treating the people that live here with respect and not try to get every dime you can out of everybody," Kennedy said. 

They want action and answers from management. ABC15 has called every number associated with the complex. Hang ups, voicemail messages have greeted all attempts to communicate with management; ABC15 has also been kicked off the property. 

Meantime, Tempe city officials say they encourage residents to file a complaint with the city, and to request for a code enforcement officer to inspect living conditions.