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Having trouble with allergies? Here's some things that may help

Posted at 6:57 PM, Sep 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-18 01:00:39-04

The official start of fall is just days away and those with allergies are already feeling it.

Dr. David Mendelson at Tempe Saint Luke's Hospital says that might be because of a plant called ragweed.

He says the plant hypersensitizes your immune system, so if--for example--you already have a mild allergy to grass, it will make your allergies a lot worse during this time of year.

The monsoon and strong winds can also blow pollen and cause your sinuses to flare. But there also might be another reason you're feeling under the weather.

"A lot of people think they have an allergy but they're actually reacting to pollution," Dr. Mendelson said, and recommended people get tested to know for sure.

Over-the-counter drugs can bring relief, but so can changing small habits.

"When you're outside [and] come back in, wash your hands and face to get any pollens off your hand," Dr. Mendelson said.

Dr. Mendelson said animals also carry pollen after being outside, so try keeping them off your bed. He says air purifiers are helpful, along with micro-fiber pillowcases.

"You want to hopefully eliminate things like feather pillows," Dr. Mendelson said. Overall, you need to take your symptoms seriously.

"It affects the way you concentrate," Dr. Mendelson said. "How you work day-to-day. Your overall mood. It has a far-reaching effect."