Curling club providing unique way to escape the heat in the Valley

Posted at 10:29 PM, Jul 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-20 01:31:04-04

It's not just an Olympic sport or something they play up in Canada anymore. Curling is becoming even more popular around the world, including here in the Valley!

The Coyotes Curling Club in Tempe, off of University Drive and State Route 143, has been offering classes and activities for all different skill levels — from beginners to those who are trying to make those Olympic dreams become reality.

And is there a better way to escape our summer heat? While we deal with triple digits outside, it's a chilly 40 degrees inside the arena!

"I love it because no game is ever the same," explained Twila Yednock who has been curling for 35 years.

"A lot of people describe it as shuffleboard on ice," said Kimberly Gaddie.

But we found out, it's a little more aggressive and action-packed than that!

"There's a lot of yelling between different people telling you when to sweep and when not to sweep," Gaddie added.

And the best part about curling is that there are no losers in this sport. That's because, after each match, the winners have to buy the other team a round of drinks!