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Queen Creek family wants justice after dog attacked through backyard fence

Posted at 10:16 PM, Feb 10, 2018

A Queen Creek family is devastated after their miniature poodle Zoey was attacked in her own backyard.

The home is located right by a wash area and has a tall view fence separating the backyard from the wash.

Tiffany McGee says Zoey was jumping up and down in her backyard by the view fence when a dog, being walked by two children, attacked her.

"She jumped up, and the dog came through the view fence and grabbed her by the snout, and started dragging her through the view fence. The kids on the other side were yelling at the dog to get off," said McGee.

McGee's teenage child was finally able to separate the dogs, and get Zoey to safety. The children walking the vicious dog took off.

McGee says Zoey suffered very critical injuries in the mauling.

"Her whole face from her eye all the way down including her nose was ripped off. You could see her jaw was broken, and there were no teeth left on that side," said McGee.

A broken jaw and shattered nasal cavity means more surgeries down the road for Zoey. That also means thousands of dollars in veterinarian bills for the family.  

They are just grateful their little 11 pound Zoey is alive.

McGee says vets have finally removed a feeding tube and Zoey was now being fed through a syringe. They couldn't wait to bring her back home.

"She is 100% part of the family. Just the last couple of days, not having her here, it's been very quiet, and it's been almost eerie," said McGee.

The family now wants to know, who that vicious dog belonged to and why children who obviously could not control the dog were walking it.

"If you can't control it, or your kids can't control it, they don't need to be walking it," said McGee.

Pinal County Animal Control officers are now investigating the horrific attack and trying to track down the owner of the aggressive dog.

"I do feel like they're responsible. I would like them to come forward. It's affected our family big time," said McGee.

The family is offering a cash reward to anyone who can help them track down the owners of the vicious dog.  

McGee said the community of Circle Cross Ranch had donated money towards this reward.

If you would like to help Zoey get back on her feet, the family has set up a fundraising account