Mesa family wants justice for dog shot by MCSO

Posted at 12:25 PM, Mar 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-07 12:25:34-05

Owners of a pit bull shot by a deputy say their dog, Blue, has died from his injuries. They're now asking animal activists to help them get justice for their beloved dog.

The incident happened at a home in Mesa on Saturday while Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies were attempting to serve a search warrant. 

Deputies say the dog charged at them while they were at the sidewalk of the home.

"One of our deputies jumped in the back of a pickup truck in an attempt to retreat and the other deputy who was on the radio with dispatch turned to see the dog was right there and had no other choice but to draw his weapon and fire," MCSO spokeswoman Officer Courtney Palma said.

However, the owner who rescued the dog three years ago, tells a different story. 

Debbie Holm said Sunday that when Blue ran outside while deputies were there, his tail was wagging and he was barking, as he always did. Holm says he was not being aggressive.

"He didn't come straight at these guys," she said. "He went all the way around the cars and he was outside and his little butt was wagging...He wasn't being threatening of any sort,"

After a deputy fired the shot, the bleeding dog ran back inside the house before they rushed him to an emergency pet hospital where he later died.

Holm's daughter Jordan says Blue was discriminated against because of his breed.

"Just being gun happy, he just had to pull out his gun," Holm said. "Why? Because he's a pit bull?"

The family is pleading for animal activists to reach out to them so they can help get justice for Blue.

"They have freaking killed one of my family members and I'm gonna tell you now please, God, anybody help me," Holm said. She wants help making the point that deputies didn't have to kill the dog.